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Strategic Plan

Strategic Goal #1: Champion arts and culture in the community

Elevate arts and culture events and programing in Dana Point
  • Work with Staff to develop art related programs and events

  • Enhance existing public programs such as Art Fest, Redo Market, Ramps & Reels, Concerts in the Park, Surfing Day, etc. to include ongoing art and cultural educational and outreach elements

  • Assist with art displays at City facilities

  • Create a public art tour with associated map for October Arts & Humanities Month

  • Incorporate performing arts and music calendar

  • Create a theater program such as Shakespeare in the Park

  • Indigenous and Hispanic cultural event

  • National Music Day

Raise awareness, interest and support for Dana Point's non-profit organizations, arts, and cultural events
  • Host non-profit symposium and networking events annually

  • Events associated with October Arts & Humanities Month

  • Annual marketing campaign for arts and culture events in town

  • Dana Point Times series

  • Community calendar

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Dedicated website

Fundraise and grant writing support for Dana Point arts and culture
  • Hold fundraising and grant writing training events

  • Hold fundraising events for arts and culture

Represent Dana Point outside of the community, elevating arts and culture county-wide and beyond
  • Representation on county-wide arts and cultural organizations

  • Enhance arts and culture in Dana Point through Dana Point Sister Cities

Strategic Goal #2: Raise the profile of artists, working and living in Dana Point

Elist the support of volunteers, benefactors, and patrons for local artists
  • Hold events to highlight local artists to the public

  • Display artwork for sale in local businesses

  • Plein Air support and programing

Strategic Goal #3: Honor and represent Dana Point's rich culture as a beach community

Share beach/maritime culture within and outside the community and nurture the culture through the arts
  • Ensure arts and culture outreach at events such as Ramps and Reels, Cosmic Creek, Redo Market, Maritime Festival, etc.

  • Dana Point Film Festival

  • Promotion of Watermen's Plaza

  • Promotion of Historical Buildings - collaboration with the Historical Society

  • Festival of Whales arts and poetry contests

  • Doheny Village street light banners

  • Collaboration with the Nature Interpretive Center

Strategic Goal #4: Ensure that Dana Point arts and culture are being taught to the next generation of local stewards

Develop a junior ambassador program for various school levels
  • Junior ambassador programs at elementary, junior high, and high school levels

  • Collaboration with the Youth Board

  • Construction fencing art project

  • Art supplies drive

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